BAL Micromax2


Price: $42.00 + GST

Size: 5kg

Suitable for gaps up to 20mm, frost resistant and a great range of colours makes BAL Micromax an easy choice to finish out your outdoor patios to your desired design. Please read the technical data sheet before purchasing.


  • Please read technical data sheet for mixing and application methods.
  • Suitable for joints widths 1-20mm
  • Suitable for exterior places (do not use around swimming pools).
  • Not suitable for around swimming pools.
  • Do not use in temperatures under 5degrees Celsius.
  • Apply to small inconspicuous area of your natural stone paving to see if any discoloration is encounted with surplus grout.


  • Range of colours
  • Frost resistant
  • Setting time 2-3 hours at 20 degrees Celsius

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Barrow and Stone provides New Zealand with the very best Natural Stone landscape paving the world has to offer. Landscaper William Shaw and garden designer Sam de Vries have a collective of 15 years in Landscape design and construction from two world renowned cities for landscaping London and Perth. Barrow & Stone are driven by passion for creating beautiful united outdoor spaces with impeccable vision, specifically around Natural Stone Paving.

Grout Colour Chart


Download the Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Download the Saftey Data Sheet

Saftey Data Sheet