Geal Prevent2

Protective – Anti-stain – Water Repellent.
Water-based micro-emulsion of fluorinated and silane-siloxane copolymers with synergic agents, compatible with stone mineral components.
Gives water repellent protection against rising damp and water-and-oil repellency to the surfaces. Protects all kinds of natural stone (both sandstone and limestone) and reduces absorption. Does not film, does not alter breathing and the original colour of stone. Can be applied both on floors and coverings, dry or uniformly wet (but without stains or damp marks). The superficial hydrophobic action (“pearl” effect) is visible within 2-4 hrs, the deep action is developped within 2-3 days.


  • Apply pure on clean, dry or uniformly wet surface with a paintbrush, wax/liquid spreader, by wetting homogeneously the surface and removing possible excess. Do not apply on very hot or very cold surfaces (adviced temperature between 10°C and 30°C).‎


  • Gives long lasting and renewable protection
  • Makes periodic maintenance easier
  • Does not alter the colour of the material
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Indicative coverage: 8-12 sq.‎m per litre


1L – $124.26 + GST

5L – $626.00 + GST


Barrow and Stone provides New Zealand with the very best Natural Stone landscape paving the world has to offer. Landscaper William Shaw and garden designer Sam de Vries have a collective of 15 years in Landscape design and construction from two world renowned cities for landscaping London and Perth. Barrow & Stone are driven by passion for creating beautiful united outdoor spaces with impeccable vision, specifically around Natural Stone Paving.

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Technical Data Sheet