Geal Tio

TIO is recommended for deep action protection of absorbent materials – Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, artificial stone, Cotto, Terracotta, Cast Stone, and Concrete too.
Avoids the formation of efflorescence, moulds and damp stains. Reduces the absorption of oil and grease substances that can create stains and clouds.
It is not filming and does not change the breathing of the material. TIO is a chemically inert double-acting protective agent, characterized by water-repellent anti-rising property and oil-repellent anti-stain activity.
TIO creates a surface water-oil-repellent barrier; this prevents water and water-soluble soil, grease and oil from penetrating into the material


1L – $134.70 + GST

5L – $617.30 + GST


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Barrow and Stone provides New Zealand with the very best Natural Stone landscape paving the world has to offer. Landscaper William Shaw and garden designer Sam de Vries have a collective of 15 years in Landscape design and construction from two world-renowned cities for landscaping London and Perth. Barrow & Stone is driven by a passion for creating beautiful united outdoor spaces with impeccable vision, specifically around Natural Stone Paving.


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